Supporting you in clearing up the mystery of your child’s behavior

Looking for the right treatment?

Are you parenting a child that you love deeply, while finding yourself confused and exasperated by their troubling behavior? 

We can partner with you to unravel the mystery.

Do you have a child that has been diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, RAD, PTSD, depression or anxiety?

We can join with you to help identify and navigate your child’s needs moving forward.

Are you a foster or adoptive parent who has made space in your heart and home for a child with big emotions and chaotic behaviors?

You have come to the right place to find peace of mind.

Our primary intervention includes an initial assessment of your child’s attachment patterns. These results are used in tandem with education about attachment, trauma, and child development to create an individualized approach to therapy.
By combining a solid foundation of research in this field with decades of clinical experience, we will support you in making small changes that have a large impact on important relationships. You will come away from this experience knowing yourself and your child in a whole new way, with confidence to understand and meet your child’s needs.

Services we offer

Intensive Therapeutic Intervention  (Our primary service)

This relationship-based therapeutic intervention is intended for parents and caregivers who are raising biologic, adoptive, or foster children who display challenging or confusing behavior. This intervention blends therapy with psychoeducation about child development, trauma, attachment, and emotion regulation. It is an individualized approach based on results from a video-recorded evaluation of child relationship patterns and trauma.

Therapeutic Supervision

If a parent/caregiver does not have custody of their child, the caseworker may choose this service along with or separate from the intensive in-home intervention. The Secure Child therapist supervises the parent visitation with the child and delivers relationship and attachment-based therapeutic intervention before, during, and after the visit.

Connect Parent Group

This 10 week, evidence-based intervention is designed to help caregivers understand basic attachment concepts that can be applied across a broad range of situations and relational contexts. These groups will be lead by two trained facilitators and may be virtual or in-person.

Individual Caregiver Education

This ten-hour course is for caregivers experiencing mild to moderate stress with their child and is aimed at providing education in the fundamentals of attachment processes, trauma, and child development. It can be broadly applied to the special needs of children with histories of loss, maltreatment and trauma.

Consultation and Training

We provide consultation for social work staff, administrators, CSA coordinators, and other child welfare professionals to support decision-making around clinical questions, intervention planning, and policy issues related to attachment, trauma, and child development.

Important things to know 

Many of the families we work with have a social worker or case-worker that is a liaison within the community. This person can help you request funding for our service from the local FAPT team. We do not accept insurance (including medicaid), so if you do not yet have a caseworker, we can help you figure out where to start.

Once funding is secured, we will reserve a date for you to visit our office for an initial assessment. This helps us tailor our approach to you and your child’s particular needs. A Secure Child therapist will contact you to set up a plan for meetings, which are generally twice weekly. We provide options to meet through video, in your home, or at our offices.

If you have questions…

about how we can help, please email us at, fill out our contact form, or call us at (434) 242-2521 to set up a time for a free consultation.